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The Chakra Meditation

What is a Chakra? Before explaining what chakra meditation is, it’s necessary first to understand what the word chakra means. Chakra is a word of Indian origin which refers to ‘energy points’ or ‘centers of energy’ in our non-physical bodies. Vital energy flows in these points, and each one of them represents something different. Although there are many centers of power, it agrees that 7 are the principal ones. These are: (a) Root chakra represents our base, foundation or the link we have with the earth. It is located at the base of the spine, and it controls our survival instincts.(b) Sacral chakra is our means to connect to people and experiences. The sacral is located in the lower abdomen and influences our well-being and sexuality.(c) Solar Plexus chakra is our intuitive ability defined by our self-esteem. This chakra is seated in the upper abdomen.(d) Heart chakra represents ‘our ability to love’. The heart is located at the center of the chest.(e) Throat chakra is located at the throat just as the name suggests and helps us in our communication and the way we express ourselves.(f) Brow/Third Eye Chakra is what we owe our focus. It is the center of the mind. Through this third eye, we become wise and discerning.(g) Crown Chakra represents our spirituality. It is at the top of the head implying that is the highest.

What is Chakra Meditation? – Now that we have seen what chakra is, we can delve into the question of what chakra meditation is. The knowledge about chakras have been with us for thousands of years, and people have learned the need to keep their energy points in the shape through meditation. Chakra meditation is such an attempt. This meditation focuses on clearing the energy centers (chakras) and enhancing the flow of energy through them. Day to day activities clogs the vital channels leading to mental and physical disruptions. Chakra meditation aims at not only healing but also strengthening each of the chakras. The chakras are by nature exposed to different vibrations around them some of which affect them negatively. When such vibrations are exceeded, we experience stress, feel sad more often, get frustrated easily and annoyed at the slightest provocation. With such a mental state, we suffer physically through reduced immunity, lethargy and often insomnia. Correct meditation fixes this problem leaving us revitalized.

How should you meditate? – Remember that we have seven primary chakras each with its location on the body. The lowest is at the ‘base of the pelvis’, and the highest is at ‘the top of the head’. Correct meditation focuses on each of these points in a progressive manner. It means that there are seven meditations to be done to heal and strengthen all the chakras. The best practice when beginning is to start with the root, and work all the way to the crown in separate sessions. The work you do for the lower chakra will in turn be beneficial to you as you seek to strengthen the one above it. This will also ensure that you do not stress the already stressed chakras. When you are ready to start your meditation session make sure that you are seated in a way that allows you to balance your weight. In this position, your back is well aligned, and no part of the body is under pressure. After attaining the correct posture, focus to make sure that your breathing in and breathing out is balanced. It is also important to personalize the breath making sure that it feels comfortable and natural to you. It is wise to get a good educational material for chakra meditation or to consult an expert to break down the details of how to cater for each of the chakras for maximum chakra health and strength.

What are the benefits of Chakra Meditation? – Our chakras are our link to the mental, physical and spiritual welfare. When they get blocked, we suffer significant consequences in each of these parts of our beings. When we meditate and revitalize our points of energy, energy flows through them without disruptions leading healthy in a holistic manner. It heals the body, the mind, and the soul. Physically, chakra meditation has direct benefits for the body immune system. A person suffering from blocked chakras often suffers from frequent colds, lack of sleep, fatigue and headaches and the unblocking will naturally heal. Regular meditation calms down the nerves allowing us to be emotionally stable and mature. One feels much more in control, and this increases the self-esteem and the confidence to tackle all that comes along. The mind gets more power increasing the ability to focus and make decisions faster. In a spiritual sense, one connects better with their inner self and the ‘source of life and power’. The purpose of life and a spiritual awakening becomes a great reward for meditation. Chakra meditation, therefore, makes life better in a general way by giving us better health and improving our relationships with ourselves, other people and what we consider as our source of power.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Reiki Music
Chakra meditation and food.- Anything that has an impact on our chakras has a direct bearing on how effective our meditation is. Experts on chakras wisdom agree that diet has a significant role in how chakras respond. There are foods that affect each of the chakra and under-consumption, or over-consumption will have consequences. Root vegetable, rich proteins foods are recommended to fuel the root chakra. Sweet fruits, honey, and nuts are good for the sacral chakra while milk and dairy products with some grains fuel the solar plexus chakra. Eating leafy, and air vegetables are good for the heart chakra, and general liquids and tangy fruits nourish the throat chakra. Expert recommendations for the brow chakra are fruits that are of dark-blue color such as berries. Juices and wine made from these dark-bluish fruits are also beneficial. While food fuels the rest of the chakras, the crown chakra is strengthened by the lack of food. Fasting and Detoxing allow the crown to achieve full health. Chakra meditation is not a new concept, but one dating many centuries. Modern discoveries continue to validate its wisdom and many health benefits. Make the decision to learn more on this and to act on what you learn, and you shall reap the benefits.

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