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Learning About Opening Chakras

Every person has the ability to open his or her 7 chakras and enjoy all the energy that they give. However very few people are able to open all there chakras successfully. This is probably due to lack of know how. However, you do not have to be a master or go through extensive training on chakra to be able to open up your chakras. If you want to open up all your chakras understand that it will not be necessary for you to try to suppress those chakras that are normally more active than others. Trying to suppress them will only limit your abilities of opening chakras. Instead of wasting time trying to suppress your more active chakras you should spend this effort to open the other chakras which are least active. You should not worry about the hyper active chakras because once you open all the 7 the energy will even out and you will not notice any chakra that is more active than the others. Balance should be the least of your concerns as the chakras will take care of themselves once they are all open. Remember that any time wasted trying to balance out your chakras could be utilized better to open the inactive once.

No matter what technique you will be using to open up your chakra you will need to open the Root/Red Chakra. This chakra is what will give you balance both physically and spiritually. The red chakra will ensure that you are able to balance your body in a stable position and so you will not bother those around you when opening chakras. Opening the red chakra makes you more away of your surrounding and you will be able to focus more on your chakras. This chakra also affects you physically especially if you plan to meditate for a long period. By opening this chakra you will ensure that you are able to concentrate for long periods of time without getting tired or feeling any strain on your body especially on your feet. Opening this chakra is the gateway to opening all the others. It is true that all the chakras are related to each other but the red chakra seems to have more influence in most of them. Unlike the others it is also relatively easier to open provided you know what to do. This chakra can also be opened from different positions and hence making it more attainable.

Yoga and chakra go together and it is difficult to mention one without at least thinking about the other. Most people agree that yoga is like a shortcut to opening up all your chakras and yogis have little trouble in opening up their chakras especially if they have been doing yoga for a long time. If you want to open you chakra faster and improve the general experience then practicing yoga will be a great idea. Yoga helps you to become more aware of your body which is a key requirement in unlocking your 7 chakras. Yoga is very physically engaging and so it may be very hard for you in the beginning. The tiring activities in Yoga may also make it very difficult for you to concentrate in the first few days and hence becoming unable to unlock your chakras. However, these are just minor symptoms that should disappear as you get used to yoga. If you are patient enough to cope with the first few sessions of yoga then it will be all worthwhile. Opening chakras will never be the same again with yoga. Besides from doing it effortlessly it will also take you far much less time since you will be more aware of your body.

You will have to balance your emotions or at least try to if you ever wish to open all your 7 chakras. Most people think that all they need to do is to block out their emotions to open the chakras successfully. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You may think that you have perfectly blocked your emotions or anything else that is affecting your mind but it will still be there. To ascertain this, you will take much longer to open your chakras than you usually do and the experience will also feel different. Trying to block your emotions is not a solution, it only appears like one. What you will need to do is to first deal with the issue that is disturbing you and then you will be able to open the chakras. Opening chakras involves a lot of mental power and so if your mind is already occupied with other things then you should not expect to open your chakras. If you are unable to deal with the situation or emotion affecting your mind then you should try to let it go. Taking things easy or letting go is very different from blocking the emotion or thought. Blocking is normally pretence that it does not exist which is a negative energy.

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Learning the different techniques to open different chakras is crucial if you want to open all your chakras. There is a bad misconception that to open your chakras all you will need to do is to seat in a meditation posture and meditate. Some people believe that by doing this you will be able to open up all your 7 chakras but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Opening chakras is a technique that one has to master carefully. It might not be difficult to master the technique but it knowing how to do it is one thing and doing it properly is another. Take your time to learn and understand each technique used to open up the chakras. If mastering all seven at once looks tedious you can try one at a time which is the most recommendable way of learning. For example you can choose to start with the Sacral Chakra which is also referred to as the Orange chakra. Most people find mastering the techniques to open this chakra quite easy and so it should also not be a problem for you. For this you will need to sit on your knees with your back straight. After attaining this posture you will know only need to concentrate on everything about this chakra and concentrate your mind on the sacral bone.

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