what are chakras

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are centers of energy situated on the body’s midline. They are seven in number and they oversee psychological properties. Chakras located on the lower part of our bodies form the instinctual part while those located higher form the mental side. Chakras operate at different levels, they are considered to operate normally when they are open. It is expected that all chakras contribute to human’s whole being, that is instincts working together with feelings and thinking, but this is not the case. Chakras are not open at the same time, during this period when some are closed, those open work extra hard to take place of the closed. It is ideal when the state of chakras is balanced. A number of techniques are used to balance chakras, techniques to open them are widely used. Making over active chakras less active is not a wise choice because they are standing for the non-active chakras, it is therefore wise to open the closed chakras so that the over active operate normally. From the above chakras are of importance to the body and good enough that they can cover up for the closed ones, making it not an alarm when some are closed.

Root chakra. This chakra is located on the spine base in tailbone area and it is red in color. It brings the feeling of being physically present and feeling peace and at home in situations. If they are open, then you are secure, grounded and stable. Not at all will you distract people unnecessarily, you are calm and at peace around people. It also gives a sense of trust and you do not distrust people unnecessarily. Gives a feeling of contentment and directly connects to your physical body. This chakra makes you feel that you got enough of your territory hence not worried by what others are doing or saying. If you often under fear and always nervous, it is most likely that your root chakra is closed and underactive. This makes you get the feeling of unwelcome easily. On the other hand, if the root chakra becomes over active, it makes you greedy and very materialistic. You are mostly wanting and obsessed to feeling secure. It also makes you very resistant to change, you always fearing what happens if you change your way of doing things. To heal this chakra you can stomp your feet on the ground and can take foods red in color like apples.

Sacral chakra. This chakra is located on the lower abdomen, two inches below the navel and about two inches in and it is orange in color. it is about feelings and sexuality. Once it is open, then feelings flow smoothly and freely and they can be expressed without one being extremely emotional. This makes it easy for you to get intimate easily, makes you very lively and passionate in all you do. Your sexuality is well taken care of and at no point will you have issues that side. For individuals who are always stiff, unemotional and a gloomy face, then your sacral chakra is not open and under active. Makes it difficult to open up to people and connect freely with them. On the other end when the sacral chakra is over active, the individual is emotional all through. It makes one very emotional and attached to people so easily. You will catch up with all people easily without much resistant. This makes you very sexual, because your emotions are open to almost everybody. To heal the sacral chakra, you can take exercises like, pelvic thrusts and cobra yoga pose. You can also take foods like nuts, and also take orange colored foods like oranges.

Heart chakra. This chakra is located at the center of the human chest, right above the heart. It deals with issues of affection, kindness and love. At times when it is open, you are filled with this feeling of compassion and very friendly to people around you. Gives you the ability to be very peaceful and can work in groups with harmony and handle harmonious relationships for much longer period. When this chakra is under active, you get this feeling of wanting to be away from people. You are very cold, moody and not friendly at all. When the heart chakra is over active, you got too much love, you are very compassionate and caring, and this gets too much such that you are like suffocating the people at the receiving end. The love however, might have some hidden and selfish agendas. You can show love to people you want something from, only when you want to benefit or get a favor from them. To heal the heart chakra you need to love, just love and open up your heart to people. You can also take green foods like spinach and veggies. Green tea will also help in healing the heart chakra.

Throat chakra. This chakra is located in the throat and it is represented by blue color. It is about self-expression and ability to talk and communicate. It determines the ability to talk to people. When it is open, you are in a position to talk well and do not have problems with communicating and expressing yourself. You will even appear like an artist. In times where the throat chakra is under active, you find yourself not speaking much and even shy. It makes you appear anti-social and people might think you are not friendly. Failure to speak the truth, can block the throat chakra. When the chakra is over active, then you tend to speak very much, to a point of domineer and can result to keeping people far from you. This too makes you a bad listener, you are always toking and never give other people time to speak. To heal the throat chakra, you can take exercises like shoulder stand, chanting and singing. Also you can take foods like juices and tea types. All kinds of fruits from mangoes, apples and the rest will also help in healing the throat chakra.

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